721Starter — A Sneak Peek

The OpenDAO
3 min readFeb 3, 2022


So who? Who let the cat out of the bag??

The OpenDAO community clearly loves secrets, but some secrets are just way too big to keep under wraps for long.

I know you guys have been hearing a lot about the mintstarter.


And now, 721Starter?

Please ser, please leak me some alpha, I’m dying to hear what more presents the OpenDAO wants to give back to the community.

Newton’s Cradle — A physics phenomenon known as the conservation of momentum and conservation of energy is demonstrated here. The Torus shown in this piece symbolises OpenDAO as both the driver and vehicle of change for all participants within the ecosystem. By shifting and transmitting energy through to all parts of the DAO, we can maximise growth and momentum while preserving energy for key moments of high velocity wave action. Project coordinator: [@TheGuild_NFT](https://twitter.com/TheGuild_NFT) Visual artist: [@ShinjiAkhirah](https://twitter.com/ShinjiAkhirah) Music artist: [@marcotic12](https://twitter.com/marcotic12) Special thanks to Jetski: [@ledoluna](https://twitter.com/ledoluna)

721Starter is an NFT launchpad (formerly known as mintstarter)

“721” is to honour the ERC-721 contract which is the most popular standard to describe unique tokens, or NFTs.

Singularity — This work symbolises the coming together of numerous ideas and energies as they vibrate across spacetime connecting via networks, both physical and ethereal. It has the visual elements of molecular forms and alludes to synaptic hive mind activity as the particle lights up in various sectors before forming the OpenDAO torus insignia. Out of the chaos we find harmony, intention, focus and direction. Using decentralisation and distributed energy we find the building blocks for a better tomorrow, together. Project coordinator: [@TheGuild_NFT](https://twitter.com/TheGuild_NFT) Visual artist: [@ShinjiAkhirah](https://twitter.com/ShinjiAkhirah) Music artist: [@marcotic12](https://twitter.com/marcotic12) Special thanks to Jetski: [@ledoluna](https://twitter.com/ledoluna)

If you have $SOS power, you have a chance to get a whitelist at a super star NFT project. The more $SOS power you have, the higher the chance of winning a whitelist.

Hold on a minute, how do I get $SOS power?

Trajectory — Sights are clearly set on a shared inclusive future, one that is filled with dynamic art forms and technological concepts, this piece displays the digitized and forward focus torus in an ascending flight path moving in a never-ending progression towards its highest self. Project coordinator: [@TheGuild_NFT](https://twitter.com/TheGuild_NFT) Visual artist: [@ShinjiAkhirah](https://twitter.com/ShinjiAkhirah) Music artist: [@marcotic12](https://twitter.com/marcotic12) Special thanks to Jetski: [@ledoluna](https://twitter.com/ledoluna)

By participating in the $SOS token economy, you are already doing your part for the OpenDAO. The OpenDAO thank you for your contributions by rewarding you with NFT whitelists.

$SOS power is derived from having $SOS in your wallet, staking for $veSOS and providing market liquidity with $SOS-WETH Sushiswap LP tokens.

Disruptor — We celebrate the high energy disruptors that are energised and mobilised in shaking up the long held conventional ways. We all move at different rhythms and timescales, but in crucial moments we align and focus on our common goals. This piece acts as a signal beacon to all that heed the call for a more decentralised and shared world. The 3 spinning rings symbolise the energy, frequency and vibration that runs through all of us. Project coordinator: [@TheGuild_NFT](https://twitter.com/TheGuild_NFT) Visual artist: [@ShinjiAkhirah](https://twitter.com/ShinjiAkhirah) Music artist: [@marcotic12](https://twitter.com/marcotic12) Special thanks to Jetski: [@ledoluna](https://twitter.com/ledoluna)

The higher your power, the more likely you are to win.

Each time you win a raffle for a whitelist, you will get a cooldown, so that others can have a go.

What about the SOS genesis NFTs?


Holding the genesis NFT might reduce the cooldown between raffles.

Did I mention $SOS stakers got these for free (+gas) too?

Wait, wait, don’t go yet! I need more alpha

  1. Go to our discord and look for this channel 🔴⎪daily-ama-with-9x9x9 , to pick up the rest of your alpha.
  2. Follow 721Starter twitter and OpenDAO twitter.
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