721Starter benefit to creators and selection criteria

To web3 builders

You will get access to the most fervent web3 participants to help jump start your community.

Allocating a portion of your whitelist slots to 721Starter, you will be granted access to a Godsend list of most active and influential web3 participants. These OpenDAO true believers staked, held

and provided liquidity for $SOS when the OpenDAO launched with nothing to show. You can almost be certain that they are going to be the most diamond handed group of web3 participants.

Ensuring an orderly mint market

Like how an ICO is the most vulnerable time for token launches, the mint is the most vulnerable time for NFT projects.

The OpenDAO ensures a smooth mint process by simplifying your whitelist process. The OpenDAO team is filled with NFT veterans who will give our 2 $SOS to improve your project as well as the minting process.

WAGMI (We are going to make it)

We have every interest to ensure the success of your project, if your project is listed on 721Starter. Needless to say, the entire OpenDAO marketing machinery is at your disposal.

The OpenDAO provides projects with the opportunity to connect with the OpenDAO community — the perfect target market for new, upcoming NFT projects.

We have 200K token holders, social accounts with 150K+ followers, around 50K Discord members and a passionate community and team of supportive active contributors. 721Starter will enable projects to utilise and benefit from not only these resources but also lean into the amazing community!



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