The OpenDAO Milestone Report — April 2022

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7 min readMay 3, 2022


We’ve come to the end of April which makes The OpenDAO exactly 4 months, 11 days old! Since our trailblazing airdrop of $SOS to OpenSea users on the 23rd of December 2022, The OpenDAO has stayed on course with continued development work on innovative products to support the NFT community, and quality partnerships which continue to add value to The OpenDAO ecosystem. The highlight of this month is without doubt the launch of The OpenDAO’s 20k PFP NFT collection!

The Lunar Project

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We officially launched The OpenDAO’s 20k PFP NFT collection — Lunar Project, on the 11th of April 2022 and were overwhelmed by its enthusiastic reception by the NFT community. In just 20 days post-launch, the Lunar project has amassed an impressive 20.1K followers on Twitter alone. We know you can’t wait to hear more about this groundbreaking collection! So here are the few tidbits we can share with you:

The Genome of The Lunar Project — know yourself better

The Lunar Project is a pathway to expressing yourself in a way never before seen in the NFT space. It’s a representation of your interests, hobbies, horoscope, personality, creativity and so much more, in a decentralized, trustless, and permissionless environment that characterizes the Web3 digital network.

The base concept of the Lunar Project is a thematic and artistic union between the Chinese zodiac and the Western zodiac, both of which reveal essential aspects of our individual personalities, including our emotions, our aspirations, our relationship with others, and our relationship with our immediate environment.

The Lunar Project will represent your Web3 identity in an expressive yet frictionless manner through seamless interaction with other well known NFT projects including YugaLab’s CryptoPunks more on that later.

The Artist — Zigor

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We wanted an industry-leading artist with a solid track record of excellence. An artist that could expressively and correctly interpret the true essence of the Lunar Project, while delivering the highest level of artistic beauty, originality, and detail never before seen in the NFT space, and we succeeded in finding a perfect fit! Zigor.

Zigor is a veteran art director with a proven track record of delivering visually impressive, highly expressive, and highly detailed 3D art, in both the Web2 and Web3 world. Zigor has worked with the likes of Nickelodeon, Prada, Wired etc. It goes without saying that we are ecstatic to have Zigor working with us on the Lunar Project! We already shared a sneak peek on Twitter of what to expect from this wonderful collaboration but here’s another one, just for you!

As you can see in the above preview, every little detail has been painstakingly designed and applied to create a beautiful, cohesive, and expressive image. Every Lunar NFT will carry this same level of detail which would make them some of the most beautiful, highly sought after art pieces in the NFT space.

Lunar X CryptoPunks

On the 20th of April 2022, we announced the CryptoPunk trait as a constituent element of the Lunar NFTs. This is another first in the NFT market space brought to you by The OpenDAO. You can check out the full announcement Twitter thread here.

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The CryptoPunk trait in the Lunar NFTs is essentially a free non-exclusive license to use a specified CryptoPunk just like the real owner without actually owning the CryptoPunk itself. In other words, anybody who mints or acquires a Lunar NFT that carries the CryptoPunk trait would also acquire a free non-exclusive license to use the CryptoPunk specified in the trait just like the owner. So as a holder of a Lunar NFT with the CryptoPunk trait, you may flex the CryptoPunk on your social media profiles, or create merchandise to the highest extent possible by the real owner under the original Terms & Conditions of the CryptoPunk!

To this extent, The Lunar Project has secured a partnership with a major CryptoPunk holder and secured the use of 59 CryptoPunks to bring this utility to Lunar NFT holders. Without a doubt, this is the year of the Lunar, and we are happy to welcome you on this mutually beneficial journey!

Remember to follow the Lunar Project on Twitter, to stay abreast of current developments.


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721Starter continues to represent an integral part of The OpenDAO ecosystem by delivering unique utilities to The OpenDAO’s $SOS token and The OpenDAO Genesis Membership NFTs. In April we welcomed the following 4 projects on 721Starter:

Mindblowon Universe: A metaverse for creators, dreamers, doers, jokers, and everything in between. Mindblowon Universe is a place to share, laugh, talk, listen, laugh again, learn, earn and yet again, laugh😂.

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Ragnarok: A new dimension with your NFT as your digital identity. 7,777 Ronin Zero are your exclusive access to the RPG. Becoming your profile picture, your in-game character. Slay monsters, loot objects and craft NFTs. Gain XP, level up and change classes. Trade, earn, and own real estate.

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Shikigai: Shikigai was built in 0000 by the 0x0s, the first of the new world. At its foundation, 0x0s created Axioms for the rest of the population, 0x1s, to abide by. This insured the necessary order the 0x0s needed to construct a utopian society. Shikigai consists of the three major districts of Ichiro, Jiro and Saburo, which centers around Furusato, the last cherry blossom tree.

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Karafuru 3D: A collaboration with Hypebeast and Atmos for the popular Karafurus 3D collection!

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To date, 47,716 community members have participated in the WL raffles and 2,640 WL spots have been given away. Projects hosted on 721Starter have gone on to deliver quantifiable value to The OpenDAO members in the form of positive ROI in multiples of their base investments.

We’re stepping up the pace and have even more exciting projects to feature on 721Starter in the month of May! Follow 721Starter on Twitter to stay on top of new project partnerships and announcements.

The OpenDAO Podcasts

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We launched The OpenDAO Podcast series on the 7th of April, and are now Live on Spotify!

The Series are hosted by contributors of The OpenDAO and feature educational, informative, and entertaining content delivered over an engaging and interactive platform in association with industry leaders and trailblazers in the NFT space.

Our Podcast Series cover a wide spectrum of topical issues including; the challenges facing Web3 protocols and early adopters alike; practical insights into the structure and operation of DAOs; trending developments in the NFT market space; real-time Alphas from industry leaders; developments in the metaverse; P2E gaming, cybersecurity and much more. Stay tuned for all this and much more by subscribing to The OpenDAO Series here.


The OpenDAO is built on the foundation of community consensus for off-chain decision making. In furtherance of this guiding principle, one Snapshot was passed successfully this month, that is, SOSIP-19: Replenish Operational Wallet. Thank you for voting!

Internal Resolutions

In response to the recent global downtrend in the digital assets market, The OpenDAO Core Contributors have unanimously resolved to temporarily suspend all Core Contributor remuneration to minimize the cost impact on the DAO’s treasury, while the digital assets market recovers.

Notwithstanding this, the Core Contributors of The OpenDAO are committed to building and shipping quality products and partnerships without compromise. This is a reflection of the team’s commitment to stand by the community regardless of financial incentive and harkens back to the not so distant past when the founding contributors of The OpenDAO worked tirelessly for the DAO without remuneration. The OpenDAO has achieved so much since those days and together, we will continue to smash milestones in our tireless drive to fulfil the Mission, Vision, and Core Values of the DAO.

Community Building Achievements

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In furtherance of our commitment to staying in touch with the community and onboarding community initiatives, ideas, and concerns, we have continued our daily Core Contributors text-based AMA throughout the month of April and have completed 106 consecutive days in total so far.

Our social media follower count continues to grow at an exponential pace and currently stands at 181,773 on Twitter alone as at the 30th of April 2022. This exponential growth rate can be partly credited to our regular Twitter Spaces where we host notable personalities and projects in the Web3 space for highly informative, educative, and entertaining discussions.

We have completed 44 Twitter Spaces so far and are not slowing down! Follow The OpenDAO on Twitter to stay up to date on the schedules of our regular spaces.

New Team Members

We are always on the lookout for new additions to our ever growing team of talents, skilled individuals, and working professionals. In the month of April, we welcomed ThePsychGuy, and Mightynev to our ever growing team. We look forward to their contributions to The OpenDAO ecosystem.

That’s about it for the month of April! We look forward to another month of building with you. 🆘