The OpenDAO Milestone Report February 2022

Products and Revenues


Since 721Starter’s inauguration on the 8th of February, the following eight top tier NFT projects have been launched on 721Starter:

  • 800 WL from ALI & HIS FRIENDS
  • 200 WL from Weirdo Ghost Gang
  • 150 WL from Tales of Tsuki
  • 150 WL from Tasty Bones
  • 100 WL from Antonym
  • 100 WL from Squishiverse
  • 75 WL from DAPE

The top three performing ones were Tasty Bones (yielded 23.76x), Weirdo Ghost Gang (yielded 4.8x) and Tales of Tsuki (yielded 1.25x). So far, 38528 people have participated in the WL raffle and 1550 WL spots have been given away.

Genesis Membership NFT


While five out of nine Snapshots were related to NFTs and one Snapshot was related to human resource, three out of the nine Snapshots were dedicated to P2E gaming, hinting at a new product line.

Community Achievements

We have successfully passed the OpenSea Exploit Compensation snapshot and are now waiting for an official statement from OpenSea before further action.

We have rolled out the following five different weekly Twitter Spaces formats:

  • Monday: Bullish Show by Suchi
  • Tuesday: Non-fungible Tuesday Show by Ashni
  • Wednesday: The OpenDAO Spotlight Show by Laura
  • Friday: The Tao of the DAO Show with Angyts and Curiousjoe
  • Multiple 721Starter ALPHA Show with launching partners

Collaborations and Partnerships

Snapshot SOSIP-11 gave The OpenDAO the green light to purchase $5 million USDC worth of in-game assets from a 2nd generation play to earn (P2E) game leader, which would make The OpenDAO one of the largest asset holders in the game.

Further we successfully collaborated with

a) Curate, an NFT marketplace,

b) NFTWiki, an NFT social consensus platform,

c) Frontier, an innovative crypto wallet,

d) tip_cc, a crypto tipping bot, and

e) Dework in our discord, a web3 bounty board.

New Recruits

ashni#8764, LauraTheMiamiApe#4981, FT#5018, DanRod.eth#2020, CryptoTots#9629, pekora4life#5665, TheDeepFunds 🆘#5770, tonyshen#4559, Dumpling#1966, alashock#2026, tcherryx.eth#5297, Natural9#3994, DD888888#4783, truetexture#2022

In total we are now a team of 42 people.



The OpenDAO

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