The OpenDAO Milestone Report February 2022

Products and Revenues


  • 800 WL from ALI & HIS FRIENDS
  • 200 WL from Weirdo Ghost Gang
  • 150 WL from Tales of Tsuki
  • 150 WL from Tasty Bones
  • 100 WL from Antonym
  • 100 WL from Squishiverse
  • 75 WL from DAPE

Genesis Membership NFT


Community Achievements

  • Monday: Bullish Show by Suchi
  • Tuesday: Non-fungible Tuesday Show by Ashni
  • Wednesday: The OpenDAO Spotlight Show by Laura
  • Friday: The Tao of the DAO Show with Angyts and Curiousjoe
  • Multiple 721Starter ALPHA Show with launching partners

Collaborations and Partnerships

New Recruits



The OpenDAO

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