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6 min readMar 9, 2022

Dear OpenDAO Readers,

Welcome to the inaugural Weekly Newsletter for The OpenDAO! This newsletter intends to show the OpenDAO community the most impactful events from the previous week.

Our Research, Analytics and Writers Alliances have merged to become the RAW Alliance. The first product of the RAW Alliance is this newsletter! We will have other products down the line, but for now this is our primary focus. While the OpenDAO Medium page focuses on big announcements, this newsletter aggregates everything else into bite size information.

Developments in Web3 are moving at a breakneck speed. The only way for our organization to be on top of the game is to harness the power of our collective consciousness. We have a growing number of brilliant collaborators within the RAW Alliance who are ready to bring you valuable news every week.

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The OpenDAO Newsletter Team

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As this is the first weekly newsletter for the OpenDAO, let’s review our long-term goals:

  • Build core infrastructure for the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) ecosystem
  • Compensate verified scam victims on OpenSea with $SOS
  • Support emerging artists and their original work
  • Enhance the utility of the $SOS token

The beginning of this newsletter covers several important proposals which were recently accepted and passed the snapshot vote. Let’s briefly review each proposal and its future impact on the DAO.

The OpenDAO Infrastructure Status

Initially, SOSIP-5 was passed to create a goal of onboarding 54 total members to the organization and building a compensation plan for each individual. SOSIP-13 expands the repertoire of tools that The OpenDAO can use to not only pay contributors, but incentivize them to work harder and invest in the project long-term.

The OpenDAO is a new organization, and is in need of contributors to stand-up and build within the DAO. Some tasks don’t require much to complete and can be handled by one person, whereas others need a dedicated team to successfully accomplish their goals. The OpenDAO must scale its operations to become a serious contender within the web3 ecosystem; to achieve such a feat, we need a robust compensation plan to attract talented people that want to treat their role like more than a full-time job. SOSIP-13 does exactly that, and is an important milestone in the development of the OpenDAO.

Supporting Emerging Artists

One of the the core missions of the OpenDAO is to support artists; this includes emerging artists that have yet to make big waves in the scene. SOSIP-15 was enacted to better utilize our partnership with NFTWiki, we’ll be using their voting system and platform to build consensus regarding which artworks the DAO should purchase. The same SOS Power for 721Starter will be used here, adding more utility to the SOS token! The community will vote on which NFT’s we should purchase. We hope this benefits the entire NFT ecosystem, for us all to better understand the real long-term value of various artworks. This is an evolving project, so make sure you subscribe to our newsletter for future updates!

721Starter Updates

721Starter is the flagship product for the OpenDAO. NFT launchpads help to create an exclusive invitation for people to get into the earliest stages of an NFT collection. Die-hard NFT collectors seek out these reserve lists and do what they can to get onboard, especially if they feel the project is spicy enough to deserve their attention. So far 7 projects have launched through the platform, and can be viewed under the Completed Projects section.

Many community members felt that they were being excluded from 721Starter because the required SOS Power to enter the raffle was more than they thought. SOSIP-16 was created in response to the community’s concerns, which proposes to reduce the required SOS Power needed to actually participate in the whitelist raffle system. Raffle winners have the choice to take the whitelist spot or pass, and their chances to win the raffle increase as their $SOS Power increases. While the $SOS power mechanics are being improved upon, the minimum to participate will be lowered from 1 billion SOS Power, to 400 million.

The implementation of this change should be in full effect by the next NFT launch on the 721Starter platform. Speaking of which, check out X-Oasis! Whitelist application is currently running on the 721Starter website.

The OpenDAO on Medium

Read the recap of the OpenDAO’s progress in February.

Recent Twitter Events

Please follow us on Twitter! Every day, we host a public Twitter Spaces event, curated by several members of our contributors team.

Here are our regular Twitter Spaces programs:

Get your weekly dose of motivation at the start of the week hosted by Suchi.eth.

Get you your weekly dose of NFT discourse every Tuesday with Ashni.eth.

Wednesdays are for putting the spotlight to creatives with Laura Rodd.

And to finish the week off, participate on the dialogue on principles of balanced DAO life with Angyts.eth and Curiousjoe.eth.

You may also want to check out the following to get caught up!

721DAO & Outer Ring Twitter Spaces

Suchi.eth hosts the Bullish Show

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New Partnerships!

DappBack Partnership:

Check out the website portal, and receive exclusive rewards by joining and contributing to the Open DAO community. We hope you task away, and get rewarded for completing DAO related microtasks.

Big Time Partnership:

Big Time is a play to earn MMORPG game centered around NFT loot rewards. The theme of the game is time travel and runs through different timelines. The Open DAO’s $5 Million dollar purchase of SPACE is the largest virtual real estate purchase to date.

New Forum Proposals

Our official forums have seen a large increase of users over the past month. Thank you for engaging with us and providing feedback, we need to hear from our community to better understand which actions to take. Please take some time to investigate the following proposals on the forums and cast your vote!

Proposal to super charge our discord

Proposal to improve the compensation

Vote on a tagline for the DAO

Vote on proposal to partner 5ricestudio for a long term merchandise store

Vote on proposal with Metafactory DAO for a limited edition merchandise store on metafactory

Community Updates & Feedback

If you’re active in the OpenDAO Discord, you may be familiar with several channels we use to share updates to the community. We have a daily AMA ( Ask Me Anything ) with the core contributors, a secondary announcements channel for Community Updates, the two proposal chats designed to focus on communally developed proposals for the DAO, and the various Alliance channels where anyone can join up to work on a project together. Here are a few highlights from this past week.

Learn More About The OpenDAO

Take a look at our Notion page and our social media websites to learn more about The OpenDAO!

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