The OpenDAO Milestone Report March 2022

  • UNXDFor exclusive access to the Dolce&Gabbana NFT universe with the launch of the DGFamily NFT community. With this partnership, members of The OpenDAO community would be able to join the iconic Italian brand on a journey to experience fashion in the metaverse and beyond (50 WL Spots).
  • Defi FrensA project conceptualized in 2021 to build a community with a shared passion for decentralized finance (DeFi), NFTs, and web3 (125 WL Spots).
  • Star Wolvez — A project that has been in development since Q3 2021 with planned utility in the upcoming The Star Wolvez game (100 WL Spots).

Products in Development


Zero-fee Escrow NFT Marketplace


Community Achievements

  1. Metagany#0001
  2. Greg D Stephen#8094
  3. Rami#7031
  4. saksi#2674
  5. Donnie#4013
  6. Traveler#5014
  7. Supernal#8581
  8. Joviraptor2#5866



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